Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The ABCs of Death: T is for Turbo

     So here is an instance when one post I read just made me stumble upon some more awesomeness.  So I went to igorslab.com and he posted today about Graig Ouellete's submission into the ABC's of Death with T is for Truth.  Well after watching that film,over on Vimeo I stumbled upon a pretty awesome fake trailer made by The RKSS Collective(Roadkill Superstar) called Demonitron:The Sixth Dimension and it just so happens that they have their own submission into the ABC's of Death with T is for Turbo.  I will leave the fake trailer they did and their submission film T is for Turbo down below, plus all the links and information you will need to find out more about the RKSS and the ABC's of Death.  I really liked the fake trailer and their submission film, both have that old grindhouse movie feel to them.  The music is also very well done and I will leave the Facebook page to Le Matos down below for you to enjoy.

The ABC's of Death:   Twenty-six directors will participate from all corners of the world: Australia, United Kingdom, Serbia, USA, Japan, Thailand, Chile, India, Denmark, Indonesia, Finland, Mexico, Belgium, Mexico, Spain and France.
Established filmmakers and emerging new stars will make up the diverse roster of creative talent that will showcase these tales of termination, beginning alphabetically with the letter A and eradicating all life right through the letter Z.

Each director is assigned a letter and every letter represents a word that acts as a springboard to tell a short story about death. A linking device will open, connect and close.

This unique anthology will be a celebration of death in all its forms, from the shocking and exotic to the humorously droll. It's up to each director to interpret the letter they are assigned as creatively and outrageously as they see fit.
Now they are having a contest for who will be the 26th director and there are a lot of entries.  You can check out some of the T is for... films here 26th.theabcsofdeath.com/#submissions

     You can even vote on what film you like, but I believe it is only one vote per email so choose wisely.  Check out the T is for Turbo film below and their fake trailer that they made for last years Fantasia and Spasm festival in Montreal.  Also make sure to visit the following links to get caught up with the ABC's of Death, The RKSS Collective and Le Matos who do the music for both Demonitron and T is for Turbo:

RKSS Facebook:  facebook.com/rkss.tv?sk=wall
RKSS Vimeo:  vimeo.com/rkss
Le Matos Facebook: facebook.com/pages/LE-MATOS/7606619629?sk=wall
Latest submissions for the T is for spot:  26th.theabcsofdeath.com/#submissions
Graig Ouelette's submission: igorslab.com/home/2011/10/2/t-is-for-truth 

T is for Turbo:  
Cast: François Gadbois and Yves Corbeil
Director of photography - Jean-Philippe Bernier,
Art director - Patricia Rioux    
Production manager - Shaida Missaghi
Assistant director - Maxime Lamontage
Audio post-production - Jean-Nicolas Leupi
Music by LE MATOS
VFX - Eddie69
Animation sequence - Samuel Bellerose and Martin Cright
Directed by RKSS - François Simard Anouk Whissell and Yoann-Karl Whissell

T is for TURBO from RKSS.tv on Vimeo.

Demonitron: The Sixth Dimension (Fake Trailer)

RKSS -- DBMFilms
-Co-directeurs: François Simard, Anouk Whissell, Yoann-Karl Whissell
-DOP: Jean-Philippe Bernier
-Assistant cam: Daniel Duranleau
-Electro: Michel Robitaille
-Demon Priest Mask FX: Samuel Brisson
-Demon fetus FX: François Simard
-Assistante Multi-talentueuse: Shaida Missaghi
-Editing: François Simard:
-Animation FX: Anouk Whissell, François Simard
-Music & audio post production: LE MATOS
-Narrator: Maxime Dumesnil
-PA: Christophe Carenco

DEMONITRON: The Sixth Dimension from RKSS.tv on Vimeo.

Source: vimeo.com/29898469

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