Friday, October 7, 2011

CARRIER (2012) Horror/Thriller TRAILER

     Here is a different take on the infected film genre that sounds pretty interesting.  The film is called Carrier and it is actually playing in this months  Check out the trailer below and head on over to the films Facebook and Official Website for upcoming information and updates on the film and it's release in 2012.

Directed By:  Erik Rodgers
Written By:   Erik Rodgers
Produced By:  String And A Can Productions, Inc., Robert Paetz, Felicia Wong, Christopher Fudurich, Antionette Peskoff
Starring:  Sean Pritchett, Ashby Plain, Devin DiGonno, Lynne Marie Beard, Jennifer Hope, David Schlactenhaufen, Helen Watson, Bertrell Smith, Christopher Fudurich, Daniel Alghren, Nelson Del Rosario, Veneta Hillis

Synopsis:  Shortly after Thomas delivers a mysterious package, he begins to fall ill. But this is not any ordinary illness. He soon descends into the depths of a sickness that turns him into an insatiable killer. Worse is that the strange virus that has turned him into a monster is contagious, and has begun to spread.



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