Monday, May 7, 2012

JAWSFEST: The Tribute

Fans of the movie JAWS© across the world are gearing up for JAWSFEST: The Tribute, taking place August 9-12 on Martha’s Vineyard, aka, “Amity Island.” The event will explore how the making of JAWS has impacted the lives of those who came to Amity in 1974 and how the blockbuster film they created continues to impact lives today. The tribute will concentrate on the men and women of JAWS who have passed, with special focus on Peter Benchley, Roy Scheider, and Robert Shaw.

The event includes LIVING JAWS, a series of lively and engaging discussions with event VIPs on the making of JAWS and how the film impacted their lives and families in the 1970s to the present; BEHIND THE SCREAMS, a museum-quality display of private collections of JAWS photographs and memorabilia from the filming, including items from private collections and other never-before-seen items; SHARK IN THE PARK, an afternoon of family activities, the opportunity to meet with VIPs, and more; SHARKS, ARTS & CONSERVATION, an “event within an event” presented in collaboration with Featherstone Center for the Arts that includes the opportunity to meet with globally recognized shark experts such as Dr. Greg Skomal and members of Shark Savers and Discovery Channel Shark Week; a TRIVIA HUNT and RANDOM RE-ENACTMENTS; and THE TRIBUTE & JAWS ON THE BIG SCREEN on beautiful Ocean Park, Oak Bluffs, with very special intros and our full roster of VIPs present.

The event coincides with Universal Studios’ 100th Anniversary celebration and the August 14th release of JAWS on Blu-ray, featuring a fully restored and digitally remastered picture. JAWSFEST also coincides with the 25th anniversary of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. Experts from Shark Week and Shark Savers are helping the JAWSFEST team turn 2012 into the Summer for the Sharks on Martha's Vineyard - a season-long initiative to raise funds and awareness to help with shark conservation.

“JawsFest ’05 was incredibly successful and had a much greater reach than we ever anticipated, with fans showing up en masse from around the world - many in character,” said Susan Sigel Goldsmith, event co-director from 2005 and producer of the 2012 event. “As JAWS continues to entertain new generations of audiences around the world, we’re thrilled to give fans a unique event experience in Martha’s Vineyard that they will never forget.”

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