Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Night of 1,000 Cats!

Um, Dr. Blood of Dr. Blood's Video Vault and I watched Night of 1,000 Cats (La Noche de los Mil Gatos) aka Blood Feast in unison the other night so we could see what all the hype was about, because you know, we are just two cat ladies, wait...we're one cat lady and a cat guy.  Dr. Blood is male, but he's still a cat lady!

1.  Doc and I deduced there were probably about 50-100 cats, but not a thousand.
2.  I don't get it.  It wasn't one night of cats.  It was multiple nights of helicopter and a few cats.
3.  Where do I purchase the brown leather coat and all the brown unitards in this flick?
4.  Would you get into a helicopter if a guy tried to pick you up in one?
5.  If you own a creepy castle, a thousand cats, and a large mute, bald, limping Mexican we can't date.
6.  Pick me up at the door.  I don't want to take a ride in your fecking helicopter!
7.  Your collection sucks.
8.  Why do bitches always fall when being chased?
9.   I'm calling the ASPCA.
10. I never want to canoe with you.  You suck and I look better in booty shorts than you do.

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